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Body Treatments

backVspa Cocoon Indulgence  90 Minutes £65.00
A delicate blend of dead sea salt and coconut oil is used to refine and re-balance the skin, before a rich formulation of clay is generously applied to the entire body. Lie back and relax to allow yourself to be wrapped up and cocooned whilst your therapist performs a rejuvenating facial to ensure you are pampered from top to toe. Listen for the sounds of our Tibetan bowl to gently awaken you from tranquility, and watch as the new you emerges.

Body Bliss Contour 90 Minutes £65.00
This treatment combines relaxing and Nourishing warm Dead Sea black mud envelopment with firming Algimud seaweed for problem areas. Body Bliss leaves the skin soft and hydrated and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

pink saltsVspa Himalayan Body Brilliance 45 Minutes £29.00
This wonderful body polish treatment uses rare pink Himalayan sea salt to exfoliate the body leaving it silky soft and delicately fragranced. An expert blend of 84 Trace Minerals detoxifies the body and encourages nutrient absorption to nourish the skin. You will leave with silky smooth skin.



Vspa Purifying Pamper 75 Minutes £59.00
This treatment is specially designed to remove the build-up of toxins in the body and help purify the skin. An ideal treatment to coincide with any dietary detoxification process. We begin by body brushing and exfoliating to increase circulation and remove any unwanted skin completed by a Lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the body and boost toxin removal leaving you feeling detoxified.


180sExpress Sculpted Silhouette Inch Loss Wrap 60 Minutes £42.00
Begin treatment with body brushing,body measuring followed by the application of the inch loss formula where shorty after you will be wrapped up in plastic bandages and warming sheets enjoying a scalp massage for 20 minutes whist you loose those inches away.

Luxury Sculpted Silhouette Inch Loss Wrap 120 Minutes £70.00
Full body scrub, and inch loss wrap. The ultimate combination of plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals makes this a powerful detoxifying body treatment. Your skin is deeply polished with a luxurious sand exfoliant and six different stimulating products before your body is cocooned in comforting wrap. The active marine ingredients work to stimulate cellulite and toxins, easing the inches away and leaving you with an improved body contour .